Debate article: Why You Shouldn’t Run Barefoot!

Today we will post a short article debating barefoot running as there is an ongoing argument about it . In this example, you can see how a short debate article sholud be structured and how to present your arguments.

“The debate rages on!  Should one run barefoot or at the least wear some kind of running trainers in the form of minimalist shoes?  There are somewhat valid arguments to be made for and against running barefoot.  However, in this article we will be going into the cons of running barefoot.  Anything written extolling it will be another article for some other day.  That said, let’s begin.

First of all, one must understand that in some cultures and lesser developed countries people have no choice but to run and walk barefoot.  They simply do not have money for or even access to any type of footwear that completely covers the foot.  However, what we are talking about here is why it is not recommended to run barefoot in the modern developed world. One of the primary reasons not to run barefoot is because in the urban type of environment we live in, it is primarily cement pavement or asphalt as opposed to dirt and/or grass as in lesser developed societies.  This quite understandably greatly increases the risk of some kind of injury to the feet.  At a very minimum one should use running trainers vivo in the form of minimalist shoes if they want that barefoot (or as close to possible) feeling.

Plus, what a lot of folks fail to realize is that these people they see in other parts of the world have pretty much been walking and running barefoot most of, if not their entire lives.  In the more developed parts of the globe we have been wearing comfortable secure feeling footwear since the time we were toddlers.  In other words, our feet tend to be more tender and fragile because of this. Next up, one must keep in mind that the folk in many of the countries where running barefoot is the norm weigh a lot less than we in Western societies do.  That extra weight really puts a lot of stress and strain on the feet when running barefoot, leading to a high likelihood of injuries.  And many times the damage to the feet may be so severe that it may affect a person for the rest of their lives, even if they subsequently switch to minimalist type running trainers.

So to summarize things, yes there is a group of people who espouse the idea of barefoot running, but the facts against it speak for themselves.  In the type of society and environment we live in – primarily concrete and asphalt – it is highly suggested that at the least one wear some kind of minimalist shoe.”