Educative Writing: Ways to Straighten Teeth

In previous posts, we have provided examples of how to write essays and articles. In today’s post, we have provided an example of how to write an educative piece which is ideal in leaflets or short articles. The piece is for a dental leaflet about straightening teeth.

“It has become more popular in the last few years to straighten teeth to a more perfect alignment. Most of the time procedures are done for cosmetic reasons but teeth that are very uneven may require straightening in order to maintain good oral health. Overcrowded teeth and crooked smiles can actually be damaging to the mouth. These things allow for small crevices where leftover food can hide and cause cavities. Uneven teeth can also cause gum lines to recede and may lead to gingivitis.

The most traditional way to straighten crooked tooth is by way of braces. These days braces aren’t super expensive in most places and for most types of mouths. Unfortunately braces also aren’t highly desired as they can be uncomfortable and troublesome. You will have to deal with frequent visits to your dentist in Harrow for tightening and adjustments. Some people who have really crooked teeth sign up for a few years of braces which can be a challenge. Certain foods must be avoided and you will have to get used to a more metal-like smile. Even after you put up with a few years of braces, you will likely have to wear a retainer for a bit even after the braces come back.

Dentist Farringdon says the invisible style braces are becoming more popular especially among older people. These types of braces usually involve a custom pair of mouth guard style retainers that are worn most of the time. However, unlike traditional braces, these clear teeth straightening devices can be removed. They are less obvious than regular wire braces so adults feel more comfortable sporting them. Since they are so custom made for each person, they can be a bit pricey.

No matter the method you choose to use to straighten your smile, you can be assured that Kensington dental practice will find the best technique for you and your teeth.”